I am a visual artist with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art with Graphic Design emphasis, although my true passions lie in traditional media. I enjoy exploring different ways to interpret my interests and sharing them with the world. My studio is a busy place in my Minnesota home, which I share with my husband, our son, and two dogs.

After graduating from MS University for Women in 2012, I spent time as a Graphic Designer in Tuscaloosa, AL. Our next move was to Baltimore, MD, where I became a long-time Administrative Assistant. In 2022, our family moved again to Pine City, MN. I cherish the different experiences and growth that came with the types of employment I've had in the past, but I am incredibly happy to be able to spend time with my family now and create visual art as I'm inspired.
My acrylic paintings and colored pencil drawings combine elements of nature with a touch of the unexpected to create compositions with different textures, shapes, and colors. These juxtapositions are often in the form of a central subject with accompanying elements that are not common to its natural environment.

To create the compositions, I select a subject—usually animals—with intriguing patterns or shapes and digitally add complementary elements to the scene based on color, size, and shape. When a design is complete, I transfer it to paper or canvas with a rough sketch and then complete the final piece with acrylic paints or colored pencil. I create these pieces to explore the beauty of our natural world and to invite the viewer to consider relationships of subjects that would not interact in their natural states.
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